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"Taking popping snare drums, fat-back bass, muted organ and wah-wah guitars into proven, funky territory (aided by cocky, assured horn parts) Galactic is one-part natural acid jazz and two-parts New Orleans groove." (New Orleans Gambit)

Galactic started out in early 1994 as an eight member New Orleans based horn-fueled funk ensemble, playing local bars like Cafe Brasil, Muddy Waters and the Mermaid Lounge. After paring down to a sextet (drums, bass, guitar, organ, trumpet, sax) they emerged as a tight, slinky instrumental funk band "creating a whole new hybrid of funk and soul... at the forefront of the new vibe in the Crescent City with grooves and licks that kick with a stamp of authenticity" (On The One Magazine), both headlining at larger clubs like House of Blues, Maple Leaf, and Tipitina's, while still occasionally moonlighting at the legendary (and now defunct) dive Benny's (doing Meters covers and billed as The Cheaters). All the pieces were in place with the addition of veteran New Orleans singer Theryl deClouet. Theryl's natural lyricism lent gritty soul to the band's sound and put words to their musical message.

The band began seriously recording in late 1994, when San Francisco-based record producer Dan Prothero was coaxed out of a New Orleans vacation to record the band, beginning a collaborative relationship that produced six albums with the band and its members.

Coolin' Off cover With the release of their critically-acclaimed fourteen-track debut album on Fog City Records in 1996, Galactic began a nonstop national tour that shows no signs of slowing down.

CHM cover Two years later, Galactic's second album "Crazy Horse Mongoose" (also recorded and produced by Fog City's Dan Prothero) was released by Capricorn Records (now BMG/Volcano Records), who have also re-issued the Coolin Off CD...

(band photo)
Thanks to an intense schedule, Galactic has built a large and loyal following which has become a model for countless mostly-instrumental bands to aspire to. Along the way, they've shared the stage with many of their heroes, including all members of the Meters, Maceo Parker, Medeski Martin & Wood, War, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Johnny Vidacovich and Walter "Wolfman" Washington. Music luminaries such as Charlie Hunter, Jon Fishman, Skerik, The Wild Magnolias and Warren Haynes have joined Galactic onstage. They are now a major international touring act, performing with Live, Counting Crows, the Allman Brothers Band, Ben Harper, The Roots, Widespread Panic, B.B. King, Juvenile, and Jurassic 5, crossing Europe four times and completing four highly successful trips to Japan.

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Stanton Moore
Other credits: New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars
"What I'm trying to do is go back to the roots of the rhythms of New Orleans - the rhythms of the Mardi Gras Indians and the brass bands - and do something that's my own."

NOTE: Stanton Moore has a solo album out on City Records

Jeff Raines
"For some reason we seem to have our best shows when we're late. Something about going directly from the van to the stage. If I were going to see us I'd hope we were late."
Rich Vogel
Organ and piano
"Rhythm in New Orleans is a universe unto itself. There's nowhere in the world where you get the kind of rhythm and the kind of feel you get from New Orleans musicians. If you've got any ears at all, it's gotta rub off."
Robert Mercurio
"I made this wierd prosciutto ham with a raw egg and mozzarella and romano cheese pasta dish - and a few hours after that I found myself violently ill for a good 24 hours."
Theryl deClouet
Other credits: Real Life, Michael Ward and The Rewards
"We call ourselves the Mutual Admiration Society - M.A.S., you know? If you come to a Galactic gig you got to be MAS'in."
Ben Ellman
tenor, bari, soprano saxophones, harmonica
Other credits: New Orleans Klezmer All-Stars, All That, Lump, Li'l Rascals Brass Band
"Is it kosher?"
Sax (occasional sit-ins)
Other credits: Critters Buggin, Tuatara, Mark Eitzel

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