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Q: What is a Mailing List?

A: An Internet Mailing List (or 'listserv') is a great way for a group of people with similar interests to get together and discuss a certain topic. There are many many mailing lists out there, focusing on a wide range of topics. Once you subscribe to one, you will receive any message that subscribers send to the mailing list address, and you yourself can post to the list the same way.

Q: What's the Galactic Syncopage?

A: Galactic Syncopage is an Internet Mailing List. It was set up by and for fans of Galactic (a New Orleans funkysoulgroove band). It's a forum to discuss Galactic's music, nonstop tour plans, reviews of shows, Rob's haircut, etc. Initially, it's going to be most useful as a forum for the growing number of tapers who (with the enthusiastic approval of the band) tape Galactic shows and want to trade these tapes with others.

This list is run by fans of Galactic, but the band's original label (Fog City Records) is very involved and will try to chime in from time to time to clear up confusion, post new information, and give occasional feedback from the band. (Note that Galactic is now signed to Capricorn Records, but Fog City is still involved in this forum)

Of course, no music is created in a vacuum, and Galactic comes from a rich heritage of Louisiana music that is well worth in-depth investigation. If you can help deepen our understanding of this deep musical tradition, feel free to share your knowledge and opinions with the rest of us!

Oh, one thing: Name calling, flames and other abuse won't be tolerated, bub. Keep it cool!

Q: How do I sign up?

A: Just fill out a simple form.

OR, if you're more technically minded, send email to with "subscribe galactic firstname lastname" in the body of the message (replace "firstname lastname" with your first name and last name). Either way, you should receive a welcome message almost immediately.

Q: How do I contribute to the Galactic Syncopage?

A: Once you're signed up, send your messages to

When you post a message to the list, your e-mail address will be displayed so others can respond directly to you if they wish.

Q: I heard there was a cool bootleg of Galactic's last San Francisco show. How can I confirm this?

A: You can search the Galactic Syncopage archives.

Fog City Records also maintains a list of known concert recordings (it's not definitive but it's growing rapidly).

Q: I've got a sooper cool Galactic gig tape to trade. What do I do?

A: That's a whole 'nother subject you can read about elsewhere.

Q: What's this I hear about a DIGEST?

A: You can set your parameters to receive digests, which means you'll only get one message per day that contains all of that day's messages. A simple form should allow you to do this; just be sure to check the DIGEST option.

OR, send email to with "SET galactic digest" in the body of your message (you must already be subscribed to the list).

Q: Are there any other Galactic resources on the web?

A: Galactic has an extensive website at From there, you can reach most other points of interest, including their current tour calendar and a more general summary of their tour plans.

Fog City also has its own mailing list, which they use to directly contact Galactic fans about local tour dates, underground shows, etc (this is an information list as opposed to a listserv / discussion list).

Q: I'm disappointed that no one here talks about Kenny G. Let me go!

A: If you want to get off the Galactic Syncopage list for any reason, another simple form lets you do this quickly.

OR, send email to with "UNSUBSCRIBE galactic" in the body of your message.

Q: Hey buddy, wait a minute. You didn't answer MY question!

A: Oops, sorry. If you've got a question that's not covered here, get in touch with Shaun Gilmour, who maintains the Galactic Syncopage list. His contact information is at the bottom of this page.

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