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Produced and mixed by Dan Prothero
Fog City Records FCEP 001
UPC Code: 6-06946-10011-0

Personnel: Stanton Moore, Charlie Hunter, Skerik

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The way out sounds on this disc sprouted from late night fishing expeditions while recording Stanton Moore's solo album All Kooked Out. The co-conspirators:

a.k.a. Stanton Moore (drums & percussion),

a.k.a. Charlie Hunter (eight string guitar and talkbox),

a.k.a. Skerik (saxophonics, keyboards and fx)

So powerful was this meeting of these three (together for the first time ever on this session!) that in three days they not only polished off one bad-ass album, but had enough mojo in reserve for a totally different concept: an all-live, dubbed-out trio format, playing club-ready but sample-free grooves. Well aware of the numerological as well as artistic sychnronicity, we called them... Garage A Trois.

Despite the eclectronic atmosphere of this record, everything was improvised on the spot and recorded entirely live (with no overdubs, no headphones, and no samples). And despite the presence of drums, bass, guitar, saxophonics, keys, and lots of dubbed out effects, every funky sound was laid down in real time by just three musicians - a feat made possible not by elaborate planning but by the multi-instrumentalist skillz of each conspirator in this fearsome threesome.

The results sounded at once like the future and the past, and really deserved the kind of "in the present" artwork that they are wrapped in: a hand printed, limited edition album cover. Back to the new school!

Since the release of the Mysteryfunk EP, Garage A Trois' live performances have become legendary and now include percussionist Mike Dillon. The Mysteryfunk EP remains their first recording, and captures the sound of a now infamous band in their formative moment. This is that rare "fly on the wall" experience.

The album artwork is hand-letterpress printed, making each album cover extra groovy - and ensuring that no two are exactly alike. (If you're curious about the honorable trade of letterpress, some basic info is available here)

An instant collectors item - git yours while the gittin's good!

Since this vinyl-only release is primarily a fan club / mailing list offering, we thought we'd share some of the feedback we've received from our peeps:

‘‘ as important a record, if not more so, than RL Burnside's Come On In. I think that it's even better than that, because all that Rothrock and Waronker did on that one was loop what RL had already done and add some drum loops (albeit very effectively IMO). Y'all set out to put some live electronica on wax and you did it. Has anyone ever done that before? I've never heard it." (Pete)

‘‘ All I have to say is, if my mom caught me listening to this, I think I'd be grounded. This is some of the sexiest music I have ever heard in my life. Bring it to that late night party and everyone will want to be your friend (not like that! getcher mind outta the gutter). Thank God for record players!" (Gina)

‘‘ this is really a gem... I can't stop listening to the record - my three favorite musicians joining forces..."(Doug)

‘‘ An unbelievable record and gorgeously wrapped" (Neil)