"The newly formed Ubiquity label hits the mark solidly with its first two issues, the various-artists compilations Home Cookin and Mo Cookin. More than a mere collection of groovy jams, these two titles create an environment, a live-club ambience within which programmed and acoustic sounds, hip raps and soulful vocals intermingle and coalesce into a balanced blast. The Rhythm Section (featuring, on various cuts, saxists Sonny Simmons, John Payne and Jacko Peake) is heard to fine effect on two cuts on each disk. Ubiquity, on the basis of this pair of CDs, appears headed for a successful run."
- Gene Kalbacher, CMJ
"It has been exciting to watch the west coast scene improve over the past year; hopefully you'll agree that Ubiquity have managed to capture the essence of that progression. Much respect goes out to producer Dan Prothero for 'Waiting For the Sun' (the Rhythm Section project is an excellent example of the musical maturing that has taken place), featuring Jacko Peake on flute in this moody monster."
- Andrew Jervis, On The One magazine (San Francisco)
"Local producer Dan Prothero and his Rhythm Section check in with two killer tracks featuring much-sought-after sax man Jacko Peake. (Their 'Tachyon' on 93's Home Cookin was dope!) In particular, ' Butter Rolls ' is dangerously funky."
- Martin C, Step Jazz magazine (San Diego)
"My favorite tune has to be the Rhythm Section's ' Suzanne's Jam ' - fresh, uplifting and a perfect example of how to combine sampling and live musicianship."
- Urb magazine (Los Angeles)

Thanks to the talented guest soloists listed below for sitting in!
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"Suzanne's Jam" has been popping up everywhere lately. It was picked up for the German ad campaign for Soleo (well, the first 15 seconds of it anyway), and can be heard in one of the MacDawg snowboarding videos (TransWorld Showboarding Video #3).

Since recording with the Rhythm Section project, Sonny Simmons has garnered international attention for his Ancient Ritual album (on ESP).
For information on where to find releases from the Rhythm Section, click here.

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