November 2000

Robert Walter's 20th Congress
Money Shot
(Fog City Records)

The letter B and the numeral 3. They may not mean that much to you, but to a fan of old school funk, the letter B and the numeral 3 represent the unmistakable full-throated squall of the Hammond B3 organ. And when it comes to making a Hammond B3 organ squall, squeal, shake, gurgle and groove, t'aint nobody badder than ex-Greyboy Allstars keyboardist Robert Walter.

On Money Shot, Walter and Congressional cohorts Cochemea Gastelum, David Carano, and Stanton Moore boogaloo their way through nine meaty funk grooves that take some psychedelic side trips but don't stay too far from down home roots. Walter may have a jazz head but he's got an r+b soul, and if his footstompin' barn burners like "White Russ," "Shemp Time" and "(Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away" don't make you wanna bump and grind you'd better check your pulse and get yourself a soul injection. Better yet - take some vitamin B3 and call me in the morning.

--Vincent DeMasi


Check out Robert Walter's website at for more info on the band and the 20th Congress' gig schedule. You can also listen to their entire album online, in stereo and for free!

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