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"astounding... the whole is greater
than the sum of its parts"

(An Honest Tune)


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"When I used to go to Mardi Gras parades with my parents, the first thing you'd hear coming down the street was the drums. I would get so excited. I think that funk music just gives you that same feel, that rhythmic feel that makes you go 'Oh, yeah, man, here it comes!'" (Stanton Moore)


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Produced by Dan Prothero
 and Stanton Moore
Fog City Records FCCD 002
UPC Code: 6-06946-10022-6
HDCD Encoded

Personnel: Stanton Moore (drums & percussion), Charlie Hunter (eight string guitar - five guitar strings and three bass strings), and Skerik (tenor and baritone saxophones), with Matt Perrine (tuba), Brent Rose (tenor & soprano saxophones), Brian Seeger (guitar), Ben Ellman (tenor sax), Michael Ray (trumpet), and Craig Klein (trombone)

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"Kooks On Parade"


Don't miss these LIVE sound clips from the brain-melting ALL KOOKED OUT tour (courtesy of charliehunter.com)


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Serious New Orleans funk with jazz chops and a superbad attitude! Stanton Moore is best known as the drummer for Galactic, whose debut album Coolin' Off also saw its initial release on the Fog City label. (Note that Galactic and the Coolin' Off album have graduated to major label status, but Fog City Records remains independent in the best sense of the word).

On his first solo project, Stanton brought together (for the first time ever) Charlie Hunter (eight string guitarist) and Skerik (tenor and baritone saxologist for Critters Buggin', Les Claypool, Skerik's Syncopated Taint Septet, etc) along with a cast of New Orleans funk/jazz heavyweights including Michael Ray (Sun Ra trumpeter), Ben Ellman (Galactic and the New Orleans Klezmer Allstars), Matt Perrine (sousaphone) and others. Now a classic Fog City release, All Kooked Out remains one of our most in-demand records, and a launchpad for an incredible artist's career.

stantons drums These recordings were made completely live in the studio (with no overdubs, no headphones and definitely no samples), in New Orleans right after Mardi Gras (see Stanton's quote below to get an idea of what that means to a New Orleans musician...) The atmosphere that resulted (augmented with liberal portions of Stanton's mom's southern cookin') is clearly audible on the thirteen tracks included here - all kooked out indeed!

In addition to containing over an hour of the new new super heavy New Orleans funk, the All Kooked Out! CD can also be placed in the CD-ROM drive of most computers for a multimedia experience that includes bonus tracks, artist interviews, and a video from in-studio footage.

Note that despite packin' all this heat, All Kooked Out! is priced like a regular audio CD.

‘‘ All Kooked Out can knock you down, scratching your head at the raw talent of the players, then make you want to jump up and dance -- cerebral then physical, on progressive tracks. At the very least, the record is a superb showcase for New Orleans' hottest young drummer. At best, it's the most interesting and progressive jazz project recorded in the city since Astral Project's Elevado."  — Offbeat Magazine

" astounding... the whole is greater than the sum of its parts"  — An Honest Tune

"among the year's finer jazz releases"  — All About Jazz

" a fine debut by Moore, a gifted musician with a flair for strong, syncopated beats"  — Tad Hendrickson, amazon.com

"I received the Stanton Moore album All Kooked Out. I have become an instant fan. My editor at Modern Drummer was correct. Stanton plays with the sort of energy - mind you, controlled energy - that both his peers and his elders ought to adding to their own playing. More important, perhaps, is his attention to the fine details of his sound - sort of Bill Stewart meets Ziggy Modeliste, if that makes any sense. Charlie Hunter's presence on the CD was totally unexpected: I had no idea about the personnel (except for Stanton) when I purchased the album, and this was a bonus. All in all, I would highly recommend this CD: it has great songs, great blowing, great sound... the three Gs."  — Bruce Wittet, Modern Drummer Magazine

" one of those exclusive class of skinsmen who can alter your posture with one well-timed stroke on the snare."  — Jazz Times

" Stanton is on fire...tasty, soulful, swinging grooves...music for your feet, mind, heart, and ass! I've realized I love this cd because my editor has assigned the review to another writer, but I'm loathing the moment when I have to give my copy away, even temporarily."  — Jonathan Tabak, jazz writer for Offbeat Magazine

" modern jazz at its most adventurous"  —  New Orleans Times-Picayune

" a total knockout, both musically and artistically"  — Virtually Alternative

" With this disk, [Stanton] truly establishes himself as one of the forces to be reckoned with in the new school of jazz. Do whatever you have to do to get your hands on this record. (4 out of 4 star rating)"  — The Drinkin' Buddy Magazine

" Stanton Moore's got this one in his back pocket. With Galactic already comfortably ensconced in its niche as one of the premier groups of the new jazz movement, Moore uses All Kooked Out to display a natural affinity for straight-up Buddy Rich-style jazz. Who knew? You can't take the funk out of Moore, however, so some sinewy grooves lurk on this record as well."
- New Orleans Gambit Weekly

" Stanton Moore has got to be one of THE BEST funk drummers I have ever seen, and I have been a fan of New Orleans funk for close to 30 years. Zigaboo Modeliste, John Vidacovich, Russell Batiste, Kenneth Blevins - Stan can kick-it with the best of them. He just sits there with a big sh*t-eatin grin on his face, doesn't even look like he breaks a sweat. "
- George Gerhold, freelance writer

" I LOVE IT!! It's the best thing I've heard in a long time- it sounds fantastic. Congrats on such a stellar piece of work. You must have been smiling ear to ear the entire time you were recording. "  — Shannon Munson, Valley Record Distributors

" an amazing album!"  — The Southern Vermont Review

" A great record and certainly an artist to watch out for... highly recommended."  — VMag

" Got home last night, and I've been listening to the disc all day... tChFuNkTa! "
- Steve Apple, radio DJ and member of the Pet De Kat Krewe

" What a CD! I have well over 500 CD's and after listening to this once, it is easily one of the best."  — (postcard from a fan in New York)

" Please, you need going to play in Brazil!"  — (postcard from a fan in Brazil)

" We played till 6:15 Mardi Gras morning at Benny's, so we didn't have time go to sleep. We just walked straight to the parade route and got into the procession. By the end of the parade, man, we were all, like, sleep deprived, inebriated. It was crazy, man-- a crazy Mardi Gras day. After the parade, I'm completely out of it, and we walk down to Cafe Brasil. I tell Ade, the club owner, 'Hey, man, let me go sleep upstairs in the apartment.' You gotta understand Ade. He's a beautiful freak. He's run one of the most successful clubs in the city for the past 11 years and doesn't have a telephone, because he knows everyone would be calling him. So, I go up there and go to sleep for about an hour. Then Ade comes in and says, 'It's started! It's started! Come on! The party is waiting for you! Wake up! It's time to play! Come on! You need to get in the shower! Come on! Got to get in the shower!' So I'm in the shower and Ade comes in and says, 'Somebody needs to come in and use the bathroom.' So this guy comes in the bathroom, and sits on the throne. He's like, 'So what's your name?' I'm like, 'Stanton. I just played all night--haven't had any sleep--gotta go play right now.' He's like, 'That's cool. Nice talking to you. I'll see you later.' So I didn't see him, right, because I'm behind the shower curtain. Later, Ade says, 'Do you know who that was in the bathroom? That was Mayor Morial. Ha, ha, ha.'"
- Stanton Moore (Mardi Gras hijinks as reported to Tribe Magazine)