Skerik performing at Big Night Out 1 (photo courtesy of

Our goal is to provide great musicians with a forum for music of substance, and to encourage you to explore the possibilities outside our increasingly monochromatic pop culture.

Artists on the Fog City label, past and present, who have shared in this goal by making their debut albums with us over the last years:

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A semi-complete list of musicians and other bands we've recorded with: Bernard Purdie, Mike Clark, Weldon Irvine, Sonny Simmons, Barry "Frosty" Smith, Stanton Moore, Robert Mercurio, Jeff Raines, Rich Vogel, Theryl de Clouet, Ben Ellman, Erik Jekabsen, Eric Traub, Jason Mingledorff, Skerik, Charlie Hunter, Matt Perrine, Brent Rose, Michael Ray, Brian Seeger, JJ Grey, Daryl Hance, George Sluppick, Fabrice Quentin, Nathan Shepherd, Craig Barnette, Mike Shapiro, Adam Scone, Malcolm "Papa Mali" Welbourne, Courtney Audain, Bevis Griffin, Claude McCan, Paul "Buddha" Mills, Tomas Ramirez, Robbie Kidd, JT Holt, Jimbo Hart, Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians, Henry Butler, Kirk Joseph, Victoria Williams, Etienne de Rocher, Todd Roper, Todd Sickafoose, Alan Lin, Marika Hughes, Dan Morris, Marc Capelle, Chuck Prophet, Robert Walter, Cochemea Gastelum, David Carano, Jake Najor, Elgin Park, Chuck Prada, Big Chief Monk Boudreax, The Golden Eagles Mardi Gras Indians, Henry Butler, Kirk Joseph, Victoria Williams, Rhythm Section, Jacko Peake, Andrew Lienhard, John Payne, Rob Vlack, New Legends, Jon Evans, Dave Palmer, Sweet Potato, William Allums Jr, Dave Agritellis, Bruce Buchanan, Friday-a-Jumbo, Bruce Gordon, Slide Five, Guy Gershoni, Dave Warrin, John Warrin, The Congregation, Kevin Sandbloom, Brian Rife, Olysis Naranjo, Andy Wilson, Corey Wright, Sheffer Bruton...